I create technologies and products that matter

    Cost Reducing Utility Scale Solar

    Reducing Day One BOS Costs and improving inverter performance

    SunPower Corporation & Dragonfly Systems


    The DOE has set a $1.00 per DC Watt installed cost for utility scale solar by 2020. As part of the development team, I wore many hats to raise funding via the Department of Energy, built test beds, selected manufacturing partners, and built an extensive reliability program.


    High Reliability Power Electronics

    Creating a ruggedization strategy and its accompanying test regime

    SunPower, Richmond, CA


    The outdoor environment of a utility scale solar power plant can be extremely punishing - ranging from tropical jungle to high altitude steppe. In addition, the expected lifetime of the power plant is 40 years. I selected the ruggedization strategy we use to survive these environments and co-created a statistical-model driven reliability testing regime.

    Cleaning up China and India's Air

    Creating a market-appropriate technology for emissions control

    Cummins Emissions Solutions


    Diesel soot is estimated to be the source of 30% of particulate matter in the air in China and India. I led a technical development program to identify, create, and demonstrate a low-cost, market-appropriate diesel emissions control system. My team was spread across five countries and five companies.


    Evaluating Advanced Clean Technologies

    Led proof of concept testing on new technologies

    Cummins Emissions Solutions


    Diesel emissions control systems were first introduced in the US in 2007. There is extensive and ongoing work to create and implement new systems with lower cost and increased efficiency. As part of the advanced engineering team, I collaborated with our supply base to evaluate new technologies (primarily advanced materials) for our 2017+ product launches. I coordinated teams of technicians and test engineers to conduct tests ranging from field trials to engine test cell work to mechanical property measurements. Lastly, I would lead a design review and provide recommendations on the technology's viability.


    Solar Energy Harvesting

    Enhancing Solar Cell efficiency via 3D-printed micro-lasers

    Georgia Institute of Technology, Joe W. Perry Optical Materials Lab


    Solar cells are plagued with inefficiencies; one novel approach to increase the efficiency is to couple a grid of micro-lasers to the face of the solar panel to amplify light in the wavelengths of greatest adsorption. Starting from scratch under the direction of my thesis committee, I modeled, designed, and created micro-lasers the size of human cells using 3D printing. The micro-lasers were successfully demonstrated, and had high fidelity.


    Predictive Warranty Analtytics

    Created analysis tools to assess the probability of failure mechanisms

    Cummins Emissions Solutions



    There are numerous events in the life of an engine that could potentially cause warranty issues. I wrote code to probe our collected field performance data to assess the likelihood of various events. This allowed our team to rule out several potential failure mechanisms in our FMEA (Failure Mechanisms Analysis), and to instead focus on the high occurance events.

    Creating Astronaut Clothing in Zero G

    Creation of textiles from electrospun polymer fibers

    NASA Langely, Hampton, VA


    Astronauts are allowed to only bring a handful of clothing items to orbit. My team had previously developed a process for creating fine polymer fibers. I authored a grant proposal to test the viability of this process in reduced gravity aboard the "Weightless Wonder" (AKA "Vomit Comet"). 




    July 2014-Present

    NPI Operations Leader/ Sr. Staff Process Engineer


    Prepared five products for launch, directed on-the-ground manufacturing operations in China, US and Mexico, and worked closely with multiple design teams to incorporate DFM from the start.


    Dragonfly Systems (Acquired by SunPower)

    2013 - July 2014

    Director, Mechancial Engineering


    Joined as employee #2. Built the mechanical aspects of the product. Raised $600k in non-equity funding from the Dept of Energy.

    Cummins Emissions Solutions

    2011-2013, Columbus, Indiana

    Materials Engineer, Advanced Engineering Group


    Cleantech for Diesel Engines



    - led a technical development program to identify, create, and demonstrate a low-cost diesel emissions control system for India and China

    - Led testing of new technologies for an estimated cost savings of $50M per year
    - Collaborated daily with suppliers to execute design and validation tasks
    - Created numerical models and visualizations to inform technical strategy

    - Successfully led two design reviews and three early stage R&D reviews

    - Served as a subject matter expert on the Intellectual Property (IP) review committee

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    2009-2011, Atlanta, GA

    M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering


    - Completed MS Thesis demonstrating 3D-printed lasers the size of human cells


    - Asst. Photography Editor of student newspaper, the Technique

    - Demonstrated new technique for graphene supercapacitors

    Duke University

    2005-2009, Durham NC

    B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in German


    - Dean's List with Distinction (4.0 GPA): Fall 2008, Spring 2009


    - Awarded two fellowships for summer research in Berlin

    - Studied in Berlin for 7 months

    - President, Chemistry Majors Union

    Duke-UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Ctr




    Early Prediction of Alzheimers



    - Revised software for analysis of functional MRI brain imaging data to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease
    - Reduced by 95% time spent formatting data for analysis by creating a suite of automated data preparation tools
    - Self-taught brain anatomy and statistical methods in order to fully understand and innovate data analysis tools



    NASA Langely Research Center


    Summer Intern, LARSS Program


    Advanced Materials for Astronauts and Aircraft



    - Authored a grant proposal to test the feasibility of creating micro-fibers in zero gravity aboard the “Vomit Comet”
    - Assisted in the development of sensors for monitoring crack growth in aircraft composite components
    - Increased the success rate of a polymer processing procedure to nearly 100% from 30% previously





    I love to cycle on and off the road


    I've visited 35 countries and lived over half a year in both Germany and China


    I love to try out new recipes or make old favorites like boeuf bourguignon or yu xiang rousi (魚香肉絲).


    I have been skiing for over 12 years, and ski from the first snow fall through the end in May.